Are Patterned Leggings in Style in 2021?

Matthew Baines

Why Does it Seem so Hard to Style Patterned Leggings?

Patterned leggings for women are awesome, whether floral, geometric shapes, psychedelic or vintage style. In 2021 they remain very much in style. But sometimes it might hard to get the right look when it comes to understanding how to match your leggings collection with the rest of your wardrobe. I will show you four ways to to dig that look for your patterned leggings in 2021 that work. If you are just wondering what to wear with patterned leggings or simply how to wear colorful leggings then this blog was written for you. Read on and let me know your favourite look in the comments at the bottom.

First things first though, the pandemic has forced a lot of us to work from home. Well, I can tell you that wearing leggings rather than pyjamas is probably a good step up. Don't let that put you off leggings per se though. Maybe, if that is all you have worn for the past year, then it might be time to let the leggings go. On the other hand, now that we are starting to venture outdoors, it is a perfect opportunity to style up those leggings into an artistic masterpiece.

Leggings were always seen as a halfway house between pyjamas and trousers. Then, with the arrival of jeggings and different fabric thicknesses and flexibilities, we entered a whole new ball game. Patterned workout leggings in the sense of the gym and the yoga class are always a great gig. My suggestion here is that you can really allow to let yourself go when it comes to bold colours and loud colourful patterned yoga pants. For day wear, however, we might need a few style tips.

Never let it be brushed to the bottom of the priority pile just how comfortable and versatile leggings can be. We want to wear them because they fit us so well, but what do we feel about the image? At BillingtonPix we always believe that we should rock our look with pride and all flags flying. Nevertheless, you might be on a day of wanting to blend into the background. That's okay too; we can style for that.

Sometimes though, it can be a bit scary if you are looking, as a newbie, for outfits with patterned leggings. Won't it all be a bit clashy or kitsch? Well fear not. We have you covered!

Four rocking looks for your patterned leggings.

When it comes to patterned leggings you really cannot go wrong, so long as you can follow these few style tips.

Mix Patterns and Fabrics Together

Long seen as a fashion no-no, but let's ignore all that. This is 2021 and we are fed up of isolating and dressing up only for the dog. This year the rules are out of the window... BUT you have to do it properly. Follow these two general tips on mixing patterns and fabrics and you can't go wrong.

  • Make sure that when you mix patterns and fabrics together you use one dominant pattern and the other as an accent to your look. So if you go all out on your leggings, pair them with a more subtle patterned jacket or flowy tee, or both. Make sure to pick out a common colour in each for cohesion.
  • Try to choose contrasting scale of pattern and of a hue that is in the same colour family (look to the colour wheel for how to do that). In fact for a monochromatic look, two patterns of the same colour look great too.
  • Have fun with your patterns. Invert them, or if they are stripes, change the direction.

Try Flowy and Layered Tops with your Patterned Leggings

Contrast always creates interest. Your leggings are figure hugging, in other words they are in the shape of your legs. Unless you are at the gym they are crying out for texture and layering. Try these few tips for some ideas on how to style your patterned leggings for a flowy and layered look.

  • A neutral flowy knitted jumper paired with a vest jacket and leather boots for a stylish look.
  • An oversized cardigan with a t-shirt, accessorised with the same tones of Doc Martins. Make sure to bring together the different hues in the patterned leggings for a cohesive look.

These are all great combos to mix with your bright patterned leggings. Pick out an accent colour from the pattern to wear on top, either as the main outfit or as an accessory, and you can't go wrong. Layering provides more interest and also allows you to mix up the fabrics. It also helps to keep you warm on chilly outings, whilst the patterned leggings add a pop of colour to what could be a drab day.

Interesting fact: 20th Century textile and fashion designer, and artist, Sonia Delaunay experimented with different colours next to each other to understand what was the effect. Depending on the neighbouring colour, it can seem brighter or larger or appear to move and vibrate. You can read about her career in fashion design in my blog.

Flowy cardigan and tee paired with patterned leggings

Use Neutral to be Comfortable

Some days you just don't want to put the effort in and that is okay. To tone down your look whilst remaining comfortable is sometimes all you want. Yes you can be both, so long as you make your patterned leggings do the work for you. Avoid the washed-out look with pop of colour from the biggest, boldest and brightest patterns that you have, but on a neutral background, in the knowledge that the vibrancy will be toned down by the neutral colour of a simple matching woolen or knitted cotton top. Accessorise with some cute, colourful beads for that cohesive look. Sporty pumps or boots in a similar neutral tone will complete your outfit.

Styling neutral look with patterned leggings

Offset your Loud Patterned Leggings with a Stylish Jacket

If you have concerns about the loudness of your leggings for the occasion, get more formal with a tailored jacket and a simple black t-shirt. Choose a vintage style design and you can't go wrong. These geometric style patterned leggings look urban and hip. Balance out the look with some vintage trainers for a bit of irony. Better still, for an even sharper look, finish with a structured bag and heels. If you are looking for some patterned leggings for work, this look could be great for you.

Loud patterned leggings with a tailored jacket Patterned Leggings

At BillingtonPix we have our own collection of colorful and patterned leggings and meggings for sale in the UK as well as internationally. We are a small independent enterprise, creating and marketing our design patterns ourselves. Take a look and see which ones you prefer. Our designs are based around vintage style patterns, influenced by graphic designers of the 20th century. Let us know in the comments the ones you love as well as the ones you hate. How would you still them? Let us know!

BillingtonPix Patterned Leggings

What do you think?

Let me know what you think about these four ways to style your patterned leggings. Do you follow any of these style currently? Do you have a different preferred style? Let me know in the comments below.

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