How to style men's leggings in 2024

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Are you someone who secretly admires men wearing leggings but don't feel brave enough to pull it of yourself? You're not alone. But don't worry, times are changing. This blog will explore where you can wear your leggings, what to look out for in men's leggings, and 4 top tips for getting the right look with your meggings in 2024.

Men's Leggings for Self Expression

In a previous life I have been banned from wearing men's leggings. But for me they are the perfect canvas for self-expression. Gone are the days of the jokey meggings memes and caricatures. This is 2024, we are post or mid-pandemic and the rules are out of the window. Those of us who have been working from home for the past year or so will understand completely where I am coming from on this point!

Men's leggings are the ultimate in self-expression but a few hide away behind dark colors when really those who embrace the bold pattern are the ones exuding the most confidence, regardless of body type. Most gym guys with great body contours want to express themselves; not just through their muscles, though, but through their choice of great fashion. 

Real men wear leggings. We don't care about offending the sceptics. We just want to express ourselves. That's not to say that there aren't still rules around how best to do that. Depending on your personality you might be on the scale of all over toned down, black meggs, or at the other end of psychedelic expressionistas. Wherever you are on your journey into how best to wear men's compression tights, what is important is that they are right for you.

Keep reading for tips on how easy it is to wear meggings for most occasions and join the growing number of body confident guys who love to show their true colors and personality. 

Where to wear leggings for men in 2024

Men's leggings for the gym and for a fashionable look

The two obvious categories of where you might want to wear your men's leggings are either at the gym or as part of your fashion attire. But there are other nuances to this. Are you a gym bunny who just wants to show of your manly shapes? In this case, perhaps, a pattern might not be the best choice as it could soften your outline. Alternatively you might want to rock the psychedelic look whilst pumping iron and taking that all important gym selfie. Sometimes, however, a softer outline might be preferred, with a more subtle pattern if you want to have some body definition but just not go overboard. You might want to take your compression pants outside the gym and onto the street, whether you are running or flaunting your look. How far you turn up the volume is entirely up to you.

Leggings for men as the ultimate in clubbing outfits.

Meggings as a male art form

You know the optic: raves, parties, festivals - these are where men in leggings are in their natural environment. Put on some EDM dance music and what's not to like about getting down to some slick moves whilst wearing some sick meggs? Rave gear and clubbing outfits are the perfect excuse for guys to express themselves. Not only is the music conducive to desire for self-expression but you are amongst like-minded people, who just want to have a great time and let themselves go a little. 

These are guys in their most comfortable environment: dancing, stripped down to just their spandex and having the time of their lives. These are the memories that we look back on in later years with a grin on our faces. Nobody brings you bright colors and patterns like BillingtonPix meggings. Why not just take a peep to grab yourself some inspiration?

Meggings for restaurant trips and nights out

The key to getting it right in smarter situations is simply to pair your compression pants with the right look from your wardrobe and to accessorize appropriately. In fact this is where men's leggings in 2024 come into their own. Rather than a large hoodie and trainers, upgrade your leggings with a good quality jacket and shoes. Accessorize with a smart watch and either a collared sports shirt that picks out some of the colours down below, or else a gitzy tee. The same can be said for a stylish casual daywear look where you want to look more than just casual and street. More on that below...

Should you wear men's leggings to work?

This depends entirely on your workplace culture of course. Whilst we would always encourage self-expression you should also be mindful of other points of view in the workplace, even if you feel like they might be prejudiced. That said, there is nothing wrong with a pair of tight trousers at work if you style it right. You could even consider opting for some smart joggers. The key is to keep a professional look whilst maintaining a balance between not too casual and not looking like you're on your way out for the evening.

What are the basics of choosing men's leggings.

Four-way stretch leggings for the best comfort

I mentioned earlier that there are some fundamental rules to selecting the best meggings for you. First thing first is to get the size right. Avoid wrinkly leggings at all costs. Usually, if you are between sizes it is best to go down in size when choosing the best leggings for you. On the other hand, don't go to extremes in the hope of pushing in that old rubber tyre you can't get rid of. This is 2024 and we need to own our bodies. We also need to be comfortable. Men's leggings are designed to be just that. The better quality ones will give with your body shape and movement in the form of a four-way stretch material. A good fitting pair of leggings should stretch with your body as you reach for your toes and not ride up the back of your legs. We want you to enjoy your awesome look.

Mens leggings and sports compression tights for guys

Avoid see-through men's leggings, unless that is your thing...

Don't choose the cheapest leggings you can find. Sometimes you just need to invest in something and men's leggings are one of these times. Don't buy cheap, thin and see-through leggings (unless that's your thing of course). Discretion here is the word when it comes to those all important manly bulges. We don't want to be scaring folks when out on the street. The good news is you don't have to. Many of the best men's leggings on the market have extra security when it comes to your man pouch in the form of a front gusset. This is important whilst at the gym to keep you all in place, but equally so when you are wearing your new fashion piece out and about and want to avoid averted stares from passers-by. Previously, when there hasn't been much choice when it comes to men's leggings, the temptation might have been to buy women's leggings to get the pattern or colour that you want. These, however, won't give you the right support that you need as a man. Don't forget, you are a piece of art and you need to invest in yourself.

Choose quick-drying meggings

Most importantly for our gym boys, you need to choose meggings that are moisture-wicking. In other words, they will dry quickly when you are working out. They need to breathe and be comfortable. Again the best quality ones will give you that. This is equally true if you are looking for men's running tights and need something that will not show your sweat outlines.

Plain black or colourful patterned leggings for men?

Now we are at the part of this blog that I enjoy the most: the part where you can be the most expressive! But you need to get it right. First of all, your first pair of mens leggings will probably always be in a neutral, usually dark coloured, plain or non-pattern. If you perform a google search for "men's leggings in 2024" you will undoubtedly see a page almost completely full of these types of leggings. And that is okay. These are most likely to be your staples when starting out on your meggings journey, whether that be for yoga pants, running tights or general sportswear for men. You might just be looking for men's performance leggings where your look is streamlined to complement your gym activities.

At BillingtonPix we understand that completely. We just don't sell these kinds of leggings. Our customers are usually well into their leggings journey, and want to experiment with a little more style and self-expression. If that is you then welcome onboard - let us entice you with our awesome men's leggings catalogue! We also have a great selection of meggings on our Etsy shop. If that is not you, the key here is don't be intimidated by the different choices, colours and patterns, Start simple, keep a sensible approach and understand where and when is appropriate to wear them for you.

Geometric Memphis Harajuku meggings by BillingtonPix

How to style men's leggings in 2024

Let's now talk a bit more about how to get it right with the styling part of men's leggings.

Whilst men's leggings can be pure art, there is such a thing still of less is more. If you are going the full hog with your meggs then our advice is usually to pair them with a plain coloured top. This can be a branded hoodie for more of a casual look. Alternatively if you are looking for a smarter style, trying pairing a simple jacket and leather shoes without the socks. If you are considering them for the workplace then choose a more balanced look whilst still looking creative and professional.

Four key tips when it comes to getting the right look for your patterned men's leggings in 2024

  1. Layer your outfit well. Your leggings are relatively tight, so choose more loosely fitting outfits on top, such as a chunky cardigan, hoodie or jumper
  2. Irony is still king. We no longer fit any formula when it comes to men's fashion in 2024. The best looks borrow from different fashion eras and never appear to be victims of a particular brand.
  3. If you still don't feel confident with the support gusset (that comes with the best quality men's leggings) opt for some over shorts or a longer fit top. With shorts you can really have some fun and wear a clashing or opposite patterned material. For example, if you have meggings with vertical stripes, wear some shorts with horizontal stripes over them. The idea is to create interest in your look. Wear something plainer on top to counteract this of course.
  4. Accessorize with scarfs, neck chains, dark shades and satchels or man bag to balance out your fashion statement. You need to look like you've not put much effort into this, remember.

Final tips of wearing the best men's leggings in 2024

Just remember to have fun with your leggings. Prepare your wardrobe in advance to complement your look. Then own your look. Build up a catalogue of leggings outfits to suit your daily mood. As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, we have been through enough since 2020. Don't be put off by the nay-sayers. Now is the time for self-expression.

Let us know in the comments how you prefer to style your leggings. What do you wear for different moods and situations? What is your favourite pattern to wear? Have you had any positive or negative comments about your meggings? Let's spread the love for men's leggings in 2024!

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