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Matthew Baines

Abstract Vintage Sunset Brighton T-Shirt available at

We have over 4,000 different designs currently on our BillingtonPix RedBubble store. Why not take a look at

Our Brighton abstract vintage sunset T-shirt is one of our best sellers. Why not take a look?

This particular tee is perfect for anyone you know from the Brighton area or who has visited as a tourist previously and loved it (just like me!) Or perhaps they loved it in London, or New York, or Memphis. We have it all covered!

1972 vintage sunset design t-shirt from BillingtonPix RedBubble store

Our collection includes abstract patterns, locations (USA, UK, China, Japan), first names, date of birth, memes. Try us out!

We think this year of birth vintage sunset design tshirt makes a perfect birthday gift, particularly for someone coming up to their 50th birthday soon!




London Paris New York Plaistow T-shirt from BillingtonPix RedBubble shop

Anyone in the Plaistow part of London will love this t-shirt, designed in a mid-century modern style in the traditional, but always great, London, Paris New York... meme.





Retro Abstract Multicolored 80s Teal Memphis Pattern from BillingtonPix RedBubble shop

This amazing Retro Abstract Multicolored 80s Teal Memphis Pattern design looks so cool as a chiffon top! This one is sure to brighten up your day, as 1980s Memphis style often does.

This is just a fraction of the amazing designs we have for sale on our BillingtonPix RedBubble store.

And of course, in case you didn't know, most of the designs are also available on other products, such as wall clocks, stickers, couch throws and greeting cards! Are you tempted now to take a peek?

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memphis style redbubble retro t-shirts vintage

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