80s Memphis Design Style

Our designs are created by independent graphic artists

80s Memphis Design Blue Abstract Scribble Shapes BlanketHere you will find our complete catalog of 80s Memphis style homewares, accessories, stationery and apparel. Our Memphis products include couch pillows, throw blankets, mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards and other accessories. All our products are made from digital surface pattern designs by independent designers. We think Memphis design patterns provide perfect inspiration for interior design, whether it be living room ideas or quirky patterns that we carry with us to identify our own personal style.
To find out more about what is 80s Memphis head over to our Memphis page, where we explain when was 80s Memphis created, who was it created by, and how successful was Memphis during the Eighties compared to how it is now. You can find out more specific information on this last point by visiting our blog on My 80s Memphis Inspirations.
For further inspiration on what products and patterns are selling as Memphis today, head over to my Pinterest board.


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