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What is Crypto Art and NFTs?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token. And what is that? Well, Non-fungible is a signature that proves who the owner is of an image, that is unique to that image and cannot be replaced with another image. That is different to the copyright holder, but the owner who holds the signature can lay claim to owning the image and is able to sell it, by transferring the NFT to another person in a crypto marketplace for a different price.

What has Crypto got to do with NFTs?

Nothing more than the fact that Blockchain is used in order to create the crypto signature for each image. At Opensea Ethereum is used and digital art is trading with Ether currency.

Where can I find BillingtonPix Crypto Art?

The below digital artworks that are listed below are for sale on simply for digital download for personal use as printed art. If you are interested in buying the NFTs for these digital artworks, head to our BillingtonPix Crypto Art Shop at For more information on what is crypto art, you can also read our article on NFTs and Crypto Art.


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