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Our downloadable phone wallpaper collection is growing constantly.  Choose from our selection of awesome and cute phone backgrounds. These are high resolution images for your iPhone or Android. All our phone downloads come in one size 1356x2934 to fit the latest iPhone and Android cell phones.

Where can I find free phone wallpapers?

Look for our cell phone wallpapers free to download if you sign up to our Newsletter. These are listed in the collection list below as eligible for free download.

Our epic phone wallpapers aesthetic is motivation, inspiration and personality filled abstract patterns

These inspirational phone wallpapers will give you ideas to define your individual personality with our retro aesthetic. We know how important your phone is to you so we want it to bring you motivation and a sense of fun.

Once you have purchased your phone wallpaper download it will be sent to you by email as well as being available on the confirmation page. Your phone wallpaper is not a physical product but a design aesthetic for you to enjoy digitally on your personal device. Any watermarks shown on the mock-up samples will be removed in your download.

Most of our designs are based around abstract retro style themes and movements, including Mid Century Modern and 80s Memphis style. Geometric shapes and vintage style dynamics form the basis of our design philosophy. All our designs are created by independent graphic artists. We are London based and take a lot of our inspiration from the streets around Southwark where there are many retro architectural shapes and patterns to draw from.

These downloads are for personal use only.

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