Harlequin Diamonds 1960s Kitsch Style Pattern

The idea of a contemporary kitsch style harks back to the 1960s kitsch fashion and homewares designs, when design was emerging from the straightjacket of Modernism. We still see some aspects of this but we are now having more fun with organic patterns and shapes.

If you are wondering what is the meaning of kitsch then a good synonym for kitsch might be showy, retro, gaudy or tacky. We love retro design so we are fine with that. As for the other meanings we intend to embrace them. In contemporary design, kitsch adds a sense of fun, colour and vibrancy into the mix, breaking the rules a little, perhaps, but also bringing us that sense of nostalgia. Think Jeff Koons and you have a great design leader of kitsch.

These days, what is kitsch in art is very much a popular style that has been transferred across to product surface pattern design. We love things that clash and are slightly bad taste. Matching carpets with curtains is so last century.

This Harlequin pattern has an irregular diamond repeat pattern in green, peach, pink, yellow and burgundy, forming a gorgeously vibrant pattern that will enhance any kitsch decor plans you might have for the home.

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