Patterned Serving Trays

We think our retro style patterned decorative trays are amazing. They are guaranteed to make you feel warm inside. As part of your kitchenware apparatus they form a vital part in transforming your home decor in an instant, or else they make the perfect decorative trays for coffee table decor.

You will definitely impress guests with your amazing hospitality skills and a tray from BillingtonPix. These melamine patterned trays are made from scratchproof plastic and are ideal for everyday use, or to have just for show. Choose from 4 sizes to suit, from dinner lap trays to small decorative serving trays and you will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Perfect for taking out those summer drinks al-fresco into the garden, or simply just to brighten up your home. Why not get for a fabulous house warming gift, or a bright and modern gift for any colour and vintage retro style loving friend!

If you are stuck for decorative tray ideas take a look at our collection below and see which one makes you smile the most.

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