Patterned Tablecloths

Inject your living space with some retro style personality

Add a huge dose of personality to your home decor designs with our retro style patterned tablecloths. These tablecloths are fantastically durable and so can be used inside or out - who fancies a summer barbeque?

Our patterned tablecloths comes in three types. The first is Cotton Linen, which gives a rustic, natural finish. The second is Panama, which is a durable, light polyester. The third is Linden, which is a durable waterproof polyester. All fabrics are mid-weight and have a matte finish. 

We offer 5 different sizes, including circular, square and rectangle.

How we make your tablecloth

For the printing of your tablecloth we use water-based sustainable inks which are infused deep into the fibres of the textile, bonding them effectively for a beautiful finish. This ensures that the colours will stay bright for years to come.

When selecting the Cotton Linen this is a natural fabric and so it is possible that there might be the occasional white spots on the surface of your tablecloth. This is part of the normal process of printing of natural fibres, owing to small pieces of cotton fluff on the surface of the textile. It provides a more natural effect to the finished product.

All our tablecloths are made to order by hand in London. They come expertly hemmed and ready to use.

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