Splattered Donuts Collection

Memphis Style phone cases by BillingtonPix

Fun 80s Memphis style pattern. Featuring circular donut shapes against a colorful background. This is pure pop art, inspired from the 1980s Memphis period when form and function no longer mattered.

What is Memphis Design?

Memphis sought to have fun with form and color, borrowing elements from earlier periods and turning them upside down. It was a reaction against the more formalised period that had sprung up in the post war years. For Memphis, colours did not have to match and form did not need to be practical.

These days, Memphis style is a little toned down than it was in the 1980s, and designers seek to make it practical. This design, whilst bold and vivid in color and pattern, is intended as an accent, to add a spot of color and interest to a space. We hope you have fun.

We've also included phone cases into this collection, as this is the perfect cheery design to be noticed by. So why not impress your friends and colleagues with a bit of Memphis glamor?

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