Teal and Magenta Home Decor Ideas

Fuchsia colours

Mixing teal (or cyan) and magenta (or fuchsia) is a great dramatic look for your interior design. It brings contrast, drama and interest to your home decor space. It also brings a sense of vintage style.

Be careful though, not to overdo it. Add in some lighter touches too such as natural tones and creams to ensure a sense of balance.

The wonders of teal and magenta. These two vibrant colours go so well together. Have some fun matching your home decor look with these awesome colours and patterns. Take a look at out mix and match magenta and teal scatter cushions and pillows for inspiration. Don't forget to include some neutral pales like cream or light grey to create the right tone and intensity.

Is Magenta purple?

Not quite! The magenta color, otherwise known as fuchsia, is a red-purple hue, also known as a complementary colour, with the highest contrast and greatest harmony when placed alongside green. It is sometimes known as mauve or crimson. When used in printing, the magenta - yellow - cyan combination are the three subtractive primary colours. We just love our magenta colour in contrast against our gorgeous cyan teal hue.

Think vivid coral, flamingos, orchids, rhododendron or fuchsias. Then in your mind for the cyan blue colour combine that with oxidised copper, blue eggs, deep green seas, exotic birds, summer early evening skies burnished with fading warm sunsets. A deep fuchsia pink against a cyan background is just absolutely stunning!

This combination will produce a gorgeous dramatic effect to your bedroom or living room space. If you include wall paints, try experimenting with glossy teals to produce a light sheen. Add in some orange tones to your teal and magenta colour scheme for more interest. Mix different patterns and fabrics together to create further contrast and interest.

And don't forget to accessorise with other objects and artifacts you might have collected or spotted out and about!

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