Beach and Bathroom Towels

Our designs are created by independent graphic artists

Bathroom and beach towels

Versatile Beach and Bathroom Towels

It's time to upgrade your bathroom look this season and apply a bit of color! BillingtonPix offers a wide range of modern designs for bathroom towels. These towels double up as beach towels too, making them extremely versatile. Be inspired by our mid-century modernist designs that will really brighten up your bathroom!


Our towels are 30x60 inches and are fulfilled from the USA. It generally takes about 2-7 business days to complete your order with 50% shipping within 2 business days. We offer FREE SHIPPING on all our products

Our towels comprise 52% cotton and 48% polyester with terry fabric on the non-printed side to make them more water-absorbant. We are certain that you will love our colorful, modern designed towels!


Select from our complete range of beach and bathroom towels

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