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Blue patterned design

All things blue for home decor inspiration

We love to create abstract patterns and patterns, particularly urban retro style designs. Here are some ideas that you might like to consider for your home interior design planning.

From cornflower blue to lapis, blue is a primary color that is associated with calm, tranquility, confidence and.concentration. It is equally listed amongst almost half of both men and women as their favorite color.

The Psychology of Blue

Blue will help to cool your room, psychologically at least, especially if it tends to get too warm in the summer sunshine. It also gives the impression of enlarging the room, especially if a lighter shade is chosen for the walls, or even a reflective metallic blue tone. Blue provides a calming effect and studies have shown that it can even reduce blood pressure and calm the heart rate. The coolness of the blue palette contrasts very well with warm neutral colors such as browns and creams. Conversely, complementary colors of blue, that appear at the opposite end of the color wheel, such as orange or yellow, can provide a striking, vibrant, energized effect. These are the reasons, perhaps, why blue is America's favorite color.

Accessorizing with Blue

If you are looking for a blue aesthetic to accessorize your room decor, our blue home decor collection contains all sorts of blue patterns in various tones of blue including cornflower blue, delft blue and navy blue. We love color. Take a look at our designs and if you need any more inspiration, head over to our pattern catalog for our complete range of patterns.

Explore our blue homeware products

Our homeware products listed below include couch throw blankets, sofa cushions and pillows, towels, mugs and framed poster art. If you are looking to upgrade your home interior design look, consider adding in a few choice products that feature the blue pantone you are looking for in order to create a unified look. You are sure to find a matching blue hue at BillingtonPix. Worth noting that our blue patterns are available across multiple products, so you can mix and match where applicable.

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