Pink Patterned Pillow Cushion | Subatomic Planetary Collection
Pink Patterned Pillow Cushion | Subatomic Planetary Collection
Pink Patterned Pillow Cushion | Subatomic Planetary Collection

Pink Patterned Pillow Cushion | Subatomic Planetary Collection

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    Pink Patterned Pillow Cushion | Subatomic Planetary Collection

    Brighten up your living space with this awesome celestial vintage style Pink 80s Retro Surface Patterned couch pillow sofa cushion from our Subatomic Planetary Collection. There are pink, green, orange and turquoise geometric shaped tones embedded into this mesmerizing surface pattern design. The colorful neon colored design shapes of abstract particles give this contemporary design patterned cushion an out of this world quality.

    This couch pillow is awesome for a home décor upgrade to add that all important dash of color into your room. Or maybe you have bigger plans for an entire interior design across your home! It is printed on both sides.

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    • 100% polyester case and insert
    • Printed on both sides
    • Hidden zipper
    • Hand sewn
    • Machine-washable case
    • Shape-retaining polyester insert included (handwash only)

    NB. This is an original product printed from photographic and graphic design art from my catalogue. I specialise in printed contemporary retro, nature-themed, statement and abstract design products. I design for homewares, apparel, personal accessories, stationery and more.


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