Love of Dogs

Dog lovers products by BillingtonPix

I love dogs. I love their loyalty, their cheekiness, their unconditional love. I love dogs cute names, like Jackson, Ruby, Alvin or Birch. Actually I get very involved when thinking up cute dog names, the more human sounding the better for me! Out of all the dog breeds, I think the German Weimaraner and the Jack Russell are my favourites - totally different dogs for different reasons. One is exquisitely elegant, the other is super bright and cheeky.

I've created some dog lovers themed products including some dog print t-shirts and stickers to celebrate dogs. Take a look and see what you prefer!

Our products include free delivery to most destinations. Graphic designs are created by independent graphic designers and printed with water-based inks to help reduce impact on the environment. All our products are responsibly sourced and eco friendly.

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