Best Patterned Gym Leggings for Women

Patterned gym leggings for women as sportswear or athleisure

We think our colourful gym leggings for women are some of the best gym leggings in the UK! In fact we consider our gym tights as works of art. All the designs are created independently by graphic artists so you don't need to worry about being caught wearing the same outfit down at the gym!

Our precision-cut, hand-sewn leggings are a polyester/spandex mix with elastic waistband. The 4-way stretch fabric ensures that they will fit perfectly whatever your body shape.

Wear them for running or at the gym, out in town, or to chill at home. These beautiful colourful leggings are suitable for most environments.

As with all our products, our women's leggings come with free shipping to most destinations, including UK, US and EU.



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