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I am always inspired from travel to be creative. The world is a wonderful place, layered thick with thousands of years of history of thought, architecture and art. I consumed it as a student, soaking up the existential words of Camus or Beckett. How to live a life that is meaningless, they asked. The answer is to fill it with our own words and actions. And actually, this is what humans have always done, by writing, building, farming and creating. We are now the most recent generation to enjoy the fruits of this labour, and it helps to define who we are. And we place our own interpretations on this, creating another layer of art and thought. We see this all over the world; with architecture, for example, from the Parthenon in Athens to the Shard in London.

Downtown Los Angeles, CaliforniaSome of my collections talk about my love of bricks and construction, which I see as a cornerstone of inter-dependency and collaboration. A brick alone cannot be a great building, or even a wall. And it takes many humans, working together with many bricks to create great architecture. This the peak of our civilisation, but it is also subject to decay. Everything will always return to nature, either in rust, or mould or other kinds of decay lurking in the abstract. But there is beauty to be found in this which we should always look for.

Enough of the philosophy, more about the business. We are a small outfit, based in London. The idea is to create some amazing products in the near future, but for the time being we just have a small number. This is primarily greeting cards but watch this space as we hope to launch some more fabulous items soon.

We really hope you have a great digital experience using this website. I have worked within the digital space for a number of years and the digital experience is on a par in terms of importance with the actual products that we are selling. This is the philosophy of this website: passionate about experiences. This can be digital, tangible, or held deep in the memory. Hopefully a mixture of the three.

For some background of where the name for Billington Pix came from, have a look at my blog where I talk about some of the inspiration around that.

Please let us know if there are any queries you might have, or if you have experienced an issue with the website. I have worked within Technology long enough to know that there is no such thing as perfection (and by that I mean 100% bug free) - but we are constantly reaching for it!

Don't forget that we are on Instagram @BillingtonPix - come and say hi. We'd really love to hear from you.

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