Men's Gym Leggings, Running Tights, Fashion Meggings and Festival Meggs

Colourful retro designs for men who wear leggings! 

Mens leggings meggings and compression pantsBillingtonPix men's leggings are designed for the individual. Our four-way stretch fabric works with your unique body shape to provide confidence, breathability and comfort. Our colourful retro style designs are unique to reflect your personality. Beautiful men's compression leggings that are perfect for the gym, yoga, running, festivals and streetwear. Also fantastic as part of your clubbing outfits, festival fashion, garage pants and rave gear. Fits up to 3XL. Free shipping included to most destinations. 

Why would I wear men's coloured leggings and where?

Why not spark up your gym, fashion and festival style with these awesome, beautifully patterned and colourful meggings? Also known as compression pants or compression leggings, mens gym tights, men's running leggings or simply fashion meggs. In fact our retro print men's leggings are great, paired with a nice jacket, to wear to your local restaurant. In a soft, four-way stretch fabric you won't go unnoticed, and nor should you. It's time to grab yourself some attention from your wardrobe with these fabulously patterned and colorful men's running tights. Get yourself out there and shine.

Musical festival outfits for men

What type of clothing you think of when you consider guys festival outfits? When it comes to events such as Burning Man or Couchella, there is no better means of self expression than a wonderful pair of bright, colourful and patterned spandex shorts and leggings for men. Burning Man is a counterculture and fashion forms a large part of that. The clothes that scream "look at me", perhaps worn with nothing on top and simply a pair of converse are vying for that alternative fashion statement. The best festival outfits for men are the ones that allow guys a means of artistic self-expression.

What are meggings?

Meggings is just another term that the media took on to describe men's gym leggings, particularly for when they are worn outside of the gym as fashion leggings or part of a festival outfit for men. If you want to understand what is meggings, take a scroll through our collection. Pretty much all of them are, as we don't do black leggings here! That is not to say we don't do gym leggings...

Solution: all our colourful patterned leggings are fashion leggings that can be worn in as well as outside the gym! It's a perfect solution.

You might ask yourself, is it weird for guys to wear leggings? Well, men's fashion leggings have been around for a while now and are well and truly in the mainstream. Inspired by Spanish matadors, with the molded front crotch these colourful male performance tights will keep you in place wherever you are. Whether you wear your meggings with shorts or without, you know it is time for you to get megging!

How to wear men's fashion leggings

The great advantage of mens coloured leggings, especially patterned leggings, is that they carry with them a sense of irony, so you need never be afraid of making a fashion faux pas. Don't be afraid to create your own unique style. Live your life as you, not as a copy of someone else.

Here are some quick style tips to help you get the most out of your colourful workout leggings for men:

  • Layer your meggings with an oversized cardigan, jacket or coat and some large combat boots.
  • Accessorize your look with a silk scarf, sunglasses and some jewelry. 
  • Dress up your look with a smart jacket, some loafers or designer trainers. Add a glitzy statement tee and you are all made.
  • Go with bright colours, the more the more attention you will get, but who wants to be a shrinking violet. We mentioned irony, remember?
  • Mix up your styles, including your patterns, colours and fabrics. Create movement in your look that will get you noticed.
  • Wear your meggings with patterned shorts to clash.
  • Just have some fun and wear your meggings with pride.

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