How to Style Throw Blankets and Other Questions Answered

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We all know how gorgeous a well-placed couch throw blanket can be, beside the fact that they can be pretty great to snuggle up with on a cold evening. So we've listed our top few FAQs on the subject. We think our sofa throw blankets are incredible, but this answers general questions you might have when thinking about styling your home or just upgrading your interior décor.

Q: What is a throw blanket?

A: A throw blanket, as the name suggests, is a more versatile blanket than you might use to sleep with. Whilst you can certainly incorporate decorative throw blankets onto your bed, or into your bedding, the main purpose behind a throw blanket is that it looks like it has just been thrown there, or casually left (whereas you have probably strategically placed that said blanket in a very specific position and chosen its color and pattern specifically to go with your interior décor. You would use a throw blanket to complement your living or bedroom spaces, or you might also use one for other functions, such as a picnic, in the garden or for the back seat of your car. You can even upgrade your work life with the office throw blanket!

Q: What size is a throw blanket?

A: Generally our couch throw blankets dimensions are the standard size of 50 inch wide by 60 inch height. This translates to 127 cm wide by 152 cm long for a metric throw blanket size. We think this makes the perfect size for when you want to style a throw blanket onto a couch or a bed.

Throw blanket size

Q: How to style a throw blanket?

A: We thought you might ask that! Generally you want to choose a couch, sofa, chair or bench in the living room, or you can place the folded blanket across the end of your bed. Fold the throw blanket in half vertically. Do this a second time so that you have the neat long shape, depending on throw blanket size. Then, ideally, drape the throw blanket across the arm of your chair or sofa, tucking in the top end beneath the back cushion. Let the other end either drape loosely down the side of the couch or chair in a fan shape. Otherwise you can design a more structured look with a crisp exact fall towards the floor. For a bench you might just want to fold the blanket in half horizontally as it probably will not have enough space before it hits the floor, although allowing it to drape a little can create a more relaxed look. For the bed you can either place the blanket neatly at the bottom of the bed, or you can relax the folding a little and let it fan out across the corner and towards the floor. TIP: Sometimes a large wicker basket placed into the corner of the living room can be an ideal, and useful, alternative to a throw blanket on couch. It will allow you to both store and display your casually folder throw blanket.

Throw blanket draped over a chair

Q: How to wash throw blankets?

A: All our sofa throw blankets are 100% polyester, which means that they tend not to absorb stains too easily. You can wash them by hand or simply by using a cool wash cycle in your washing machine. Just remember to wash your blanket alone on a gentle cycle with a smaller amount of detergent than you would use normally. This ensures that the soap will be fully rinsed out. Avoid using fabric conditioner. You can tumble dry, but use the lowest setting, Alternatively hang as straight as you can to avoid any creases.


Retro style throw blanket

Whilst you're here, we've said already how we think our own throw blankets are great, but why not check for yourself? Below you will find our current collection of sofa blankets, which of course can be styled for use across the bed, in the car, in the motor home, or wherever you are looking to upgrade your interior design look.

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