Last day for ordering prior to Christmas

Matthew Baines

Christmas Holidays last shipping times

Hurry! We are fast approaching the last day for ordering your BillingtonPix products prior to Christmas. Our products are made to order and so it always takes a little longer for you to take delivery. Don't be disappointed this year!

Please remember, fulfilment for each different product varies, so be sure to check the chart below as well as the estimated shipping dates against each product (where applicable) prior to ordering. Some of our products are still produced in the EU, which takes a little longer.

Please note, for mixed orders to the UK, this is likely to be fulfilled in the EU and subject to possible Customs duties. Please check our Shipping Policy for more details.

Product Shipping to UK Shipping to USA Shipping to EU
T-Shirts Dec-18 Dec-12 Dec-18
All over print t-shirts Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Men's Leggings Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Men's Tank Tops Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Men's Joggers Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Women's Swimsuits Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Women's Leggings Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Women's Plus Leggings Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Women's Yoga Leggings Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Unisex Hoodies Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Unisex Sweatshirts Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Men's briefs Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Caps Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-18
Masks Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14
Tote bags Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14
Kiki Tote bags Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14
Minimalist backpacks Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14
Coffee Mugs Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-18
Phone Cases Dec-14 Dec-13 Dec-14
Stickers Dec-14 Dec-13 Dec-14
Postcards Dec-01 Dec-01 Dec-01
Greeting cards Dec-01 Dec-01 Dec-01
Framed Art  Dec-14 Dec-11 Dec-14
Towels Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14
Throw Blankets Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14
Cushions  Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14
Tea Towels Dec-14 Dec-12 Dec-14

Please note: these dates serve as a guideline only and are subject to change. We will aim to help as much as possible to get your order to you in time though.

As a general rule, US customers are still likely to have orders shipped from within the USA, from either Charlotte or Los Angeles. For EU customers we ship from either Latvia or Spain. However please check our Shipping Policy for full details of where we ship our products from as there are exceptions.

For UK customers, all standard t-shirts are shipped from our UK warehouse. Leggings and other all-over print athleisurewear are shipped to the UK from Latvia.

If you have any specific questions on shipping times, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment!

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