Neoncore and Vaporwave Athleisure, Rave and Clubbing Outfits

Matthew Baines

I want this blog post simply to highlight the main focus of BillingtonPix as the season moves into the last three months of 2022. From the start in 2020 I have provided a large selection of products, of which clothing and apparel were a large part.

As I have grown to understand my customer base it has come apparent that what customer wish to see is my growing selection of athleisure and sportswear products, in particular Vaporwave clothing and other geometric Retrowave and Memphis style designs. Of this there is a sub section of followers who are looking for their favorite rave gear and clubbing outfits. I'm so excited that this is something that I am able to cater and offer you folks!

Introducing more Neoncore Rave Gear and Athleisure Fashion

Meggings and compression leggings for men for sale

In order to boost sales on my website I have been testing different products on my Etsy store: This has been focused primarily on athleisure, so my customers are definitely the kind of folks who enjoy wearing colorful outfits either for the gym, as streetwear and also as clubbing outfits and rave wear. As the recession starts to bite across the world it is also apparent that many folks are trying to save some money and not spend so much time in bars and clubs but are now seeking to open their homes more to friends and family. What could be better than having some close friends round for pizza and to watch your favorite football or soccer on the tv? Well you also need to look good when you're doing that!

My Etsy store is a little more expensive than the prices I am able to offer on BillingtonPix, owing solely to the higher transaction and listing fees that are taken. In return I get a large marketplace of customers to whom I can offer my products for sale. It's a totally different game, but it's a fun one.

As such I have been listing a larger number of athleisure products both for use at home and out and about, which I would like to share within this blog. You might ask me why I haven't listed them all on website - this is simply down to time and making the best use of it. To list a product on either sites takes a great deal of effort and care to ensure that there is sufficient and accurate information available and that images look as great as they possibly can. For this reason I have decided to focus most of my time, for now, on Etsy. If I see a product selling there then of course I will bring it across to the main website.

If you happen to like a product that I have listed on Etsy and it is not yet for sale on BillingtonPix, please do let me know and I will list it here. I should also be able to offer it to you at a cheaper rate than it is on Etsy. (Remember I have the 20% discount for first time buyers here on!)

Vaporwave for Relaxation and Clubbing Hard 

 Vaporwave wide leg pants in pink by BillingtonPixAs I have mentioned before, most of my products for sale on Etsy are in the athleisure category. Some types of products might not yet be available on my website, such as these gorgeous pink Vaporwave wide leg pants. These are becoming one of my favorite products, simply because they allow me to show off my graphic designs more readily down each leg.

These wide legged fashion trousers are also great as beachwear. They are a kind of harem or palezzo style but probably more like a relaxed fit sweatpant or pajama. These are certainly something that you can enjoy at home whilst still looking great. In fact they would suit perfectly someone who works from home. With an elasticated waist and a cotton drawstring they can be worn both on the waist or on the hip, depending on how much cool vibe you wish to exude!

Underboob crop top athleisure by BillingtonPix for sale at Etsy

Other products that you might wish to know about that are for sale on my Etsy store are women's underboob crop tops. These wonderfully versatile tops for women have a smooth and stretchy fabric that allows them to be used not only for the gym and swimming, but also as part of your clubbing outfit collection, streetwear.

Another factor that I am working hard on is to introduce more Neoncore styles into my collection. The opposite geometric printed graphic that you can see on the Neoncore underboob crop top as well as the meggings at the top of the page have been popular in other color tones. This is the latest in a more Harajuku and Neoncore style that just looks wonderful as part of your clubbing and rave gear outfits. In fact the brighter and bolder the colors and patterns are the better. 

Vaporwave Menhera Kei mens tank top athleisure

Take, for example, my new range of Vaporwave Menhera. This design comes in a variety of different colors, including pink, green, blue and purple as well as the orange tank top you can see here. This pattern is really popping and is perfect for anyone who wishes to promote their self-expression to the max. A great design for clubbing, raves and festivals. Also a great one if you are into wrestling or other contact gym sports. In fact Macho Man himself might even have liked this sports vest top (we do sell matching meggings).

I particularly like this design because it takes in one of my other themes of Menhera Kei, which is part of my overall Harajuku designs. With a nod to mental health it really does sparkle as one of my favourite graphics.

Dystopian and Post-Apocalyptic Athleisure Fashion

This season my designs have veered a little towards the post-apocalypse fashion trope with my Geometric Synthwave pattern. This brooding beast of a design is just perfect for festival outfits such as for Burning Man. This collection includes leggings and meggings as well as tank tops for men, but I intend to add more products very soon into this collection.

Dystopian post-apocalyptic pattern athleisure

This is probably a comment on the state of the world right now. Together with my Menhera themes you can see where I have been going with all of this over the last few months! Still, out of the scary we can create something beautiful.

What I love about this design is the shadowy unknown that blows against it. With its metallic vibe, we are almost in Mad Max territory where the earth is scorched and civilisation has to start from the beginning again. Dramatic, perhaps, but a wonderful aesthetic.

Concluding in the Mystical Aesthetic

The counter to this scary futuristic world of course is to turn to the mystical. With that I have mashed up Mandala with Vaporwave to produce a sublime pattern in pastel pink and blue. Less intense on the color spectrum than other designs this season, but one that everyone can perhaps find a little bit of peace within.

Vaporwave Mandala athleisure leggings for women in pink and blue

Here you can see my women's gym leggings but I also have meggings and other athleisure fashion products such as underboob crop tops and wide leg pants on my Etsy store.

This soothing design is perfect for an at-home vibe this season. Bringing along some pastel tones to the party, it lets the mind wander a little into the subconscious process of creativity - or at least that is how I arrived at this design!

Let me know what you think of these new designs and also the new products I have added onto my Etsy store. If you would like anything specific moving across to BillingtonPix website, do let me know.


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