NFTs, Metaverse and Penguins on an Iceberg

Matthew Baines

Where can I purchase Penguin NFT art?Where can I buy cute penguin NFT art?

Find out about our extraordinary NFT gallery that is dropping right now. We have 500 penguin NFTs available to buy online. If you are looking to buy quality NFT memes and NFT art then read on. Firstly, let us tell you about the incredible Metaverse of the 0xPenguin colony, as well as how to buy the book and purchase the penguin t-shirt too. Sounds strange? Believe me, it is.

Connecting Penguins to the Metaverse

Welcome to the strange world of the 0xPengiun colony. Perched upon a forever-shrinking iceberg inside the 60th Parallel deep within the Antarctic Ocean, these remarkable and colourful mochi penguins are taking back control. This is the story of an alternative to global warming, where digital recreations of nature build out an alternative life within the Metaverse and face up to the economic and political winds of change.

What is the Metaverse?

You might have wondered: what is the Metaverse? Not to be confused with metaphor or universe this is an entity far beyond our imagination where anything might happen. No longer constrained by the rules of our own universe, the Metaverse is an alternative reality, like a digital re-enactment of our own world, only with economic and political add-ons. When the universe (otherwise known as fiat currency) collapses, we have crypto and the Metaverse into which we can escape.

We are all the 0xPenguin colony

So what is this New-Fangled Theory of mochi-looking penguins all about? What is Magic Mochi and why does it fascinate this 500-strong colony of exotically coloured penguins? Professor Maximilian Hoddle attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding the cultures and beliefs of this digital community and how it attempts to make a stand to better itself. We are all the 0xPenguin colony. We want to improve our lot. We have divisions and affiliations, fears and prejudices. We group together as like-minded creatures and believe in impossible scenarios with the rest of the crowd. When danger lurks, however - at least in theory - we all huddle together and are strong.

NFT Penguin Metaverse collection

Our fear of the unknown runs deep, despite the eccentricities of our own community. To others we are just as scary when viewed from afar. Get to know us, however, and you'll find that we don't bite - mostly. Fear of the unknown and prejudice of the different are enemies of the community. Set ourselves a common goal and we can achieve anything in the face of that.

Existentialism and Escapism

Monotony is the only escape from the iceberg. Every day the penguins toil to collect the random pieces of plastics that wash ashore from an unknown source. Taking advantage of this good fortune is what keeps the penguins busy, but also might divide them. Theories and secrets run amuck as different factions dream up stories and myths around the plastics and their own place in the universe. From magical Exotajuku birds who once migrated to the iceberg, to mochi shaped penguins who arrived as if by magic. This is all tied up into the myth of the plastic detritus. Just how far will the dreams of the Plastic Collectors take the collective mind?

A Shrinking Iceberg Mirrors Societal Disorder

Just as the iceberg is melting and shrinking, so are cracks beginning to appear within the colony. There is no official social structure, but the stronger characters are appearing more visible, and the weaker ones are melting into the background. The dreamy ones add to the creative mix and the political ones forge a path to their salvation. The crafty ones think they have the upper hand, but really, where does the power lie in this social and political struggle? Is it in the philosophical thinkers, the hard workers, or the opportunists?

NFT Penguins escape in a bottle

We follow Professor Hoddle as he himself follows the penguins in this series of short stories. The first has just dropped on Amazon and provides a snapshot of the penguin society in the face of external and internal change. And in the world of Metaverse, and art imitating life, the first selection of the 500 NFTs has also dropped and is available at OpenSea.

What are the 0xPenguin NFTs?

The NFTs described in the first release of this series portray the 500 different penguins, their guises and their different affiliations. Released gradually over the next few weeks, these penguin NFTs (or New Fangled Theory as they prefer them to be known) are instantly collectable, with some rarer than others. Can you work out which ones they might be? As the plastic megacity is rolled out across the iceberg, will the NFTs all finally drop, and will Aesacus manage in his secret quest to generate a significant NFT overlay of the 0xPenguin colony?

Follow the story of the 0xPenguin colony, of the true experiences of Hippolyte, Arethusa and Aesacus and their decisions in the face of the shrinking iceberg. A wry take on environmental issues, perhaps? Or something entirely deeper and metaphysical? 

Discover more about the 0xPenguin Colony

Find out about the recent study of the 0xPenguin NFT colony in this superb short story by Professor Maximilian Hoddle who has recently undertaken a study of these remarkable mochi penguins. Take your imagination on a journey of discovery and learn how these remarkable creatures intend to reinvent themselves. 

Read about the 0xPenguin colony by Professor Maximilian Hoddle

Buy our Penguin T-shirts

As an extra bonus we are releasing a number of penguin t-shirts to commemorate the release of our initial NFT for sale. Available in each of the three penguin colours. Grab yours now for a limited period.

View our cute NFT penguin t-shirts

Buy our Penguin NFTs

As promised, here is some detail on how to purchase your 0xPenguin NFTs. If you are wondering where to buy NFT crypto art, we have the answer! We are slowly releasing up to 500 NFTs on the OpenSea NFT exchange. Each NFT is unique generative art and complements the paperback book as well as our limited t-shirt collection. Our NFT gallery is sold on the Polygon blockchain so you will enjoy cheaper gas fees. Head over to to find out more. Remember: don't simply buy the most expensive NFT out there - buy one with a story, and definitely one that makes you smile! As always, please ensure to take financial advice before entering into any financial marketplace, especially crypto NFTs.

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