Blue Towels

Explore our blue towels rangeIf you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom decoration then consider our blue towels range to add a splash of color. Blue is the color of relaxation, so is perfect for a bathroom. We all love to spend time in our bathrooms, relaxing and pampering ourselves. Blue goes very well with natural tones, so if you have neutral travertine or stone tiles then blue will complement that very nicely indeed.

Our towels are 30x60 inches so are perfect for the beach as well as the bathroom.

All our towels are designed by individual graphic artists, so you can be sure to be buying something unique that you will not see in any shop in town. Our styles are based around the urban retro theme and have influences of Mid-Century Modern, 60s kitsch and 80s Memphis style.

We realise that everyone has individual tastes so we offer our towels in a range of other colors too.

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