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Shop tea towels in retro aesthetic graphic design patterns at our online store

Whether you call them tea towels, dish towels, tea cloths or kitchen towels, our collection of this kitchen must-have shows off the best of our vintage style surface patterns that you will want included into your own retro home decor. If you are looking for different interior design styles for your kitchen, consider these gorgeously fun and colorful Modernist patterned tea towels made from cotton and linen. With our wonderful retro style tea cloths you can claim your me-space as the Mid-Century Modern style room of the neighbourhood just by investing in a few affordable homeware accessories like these.

Absorbent, colourful and fun, our kitchen towels are great as napkins, tray displays, dining room décor hacks or simply wiping up spilt liquids. In fact we could probably continue listing out all the wonderful uses of this household staple, other than for drying the dishes.

Our designs are influenced by 20th century Modernist graphic artists such as Alexander Girard and Sonia Delaunay. These designs celebrate colour and geometry, with their modernist shapes and graphic design patterns.

Made in the UK and offered with free delivery to the UK.

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