BillingtonPix Retro Aesthetic Design Catalogue

80s Memphis Design Patterns

Room Style Design Ideas for the Modern Home

We design mostly abstract surface design patterns to sell on homewares (such as patterned throw blankets, towels and couch pillows), sublimation (including t-shirts) and accessory products (such as phone cases and greeting cards). We believe that a correctly styled room is a visual art and so it is important to find the right pattern to accessorize your vintage look.

We also sell a growing number of framed digital artworks online. Our patterned artwork is perfect for setting the colour accent or tone of a room if you are thinking of carrying out an interior design project for your living room ideas or bedroom upgrade plans. 

Different Interior Design Styles

We sell contemporary retro graphic design patterns, including mid-century modern (1950s, 1960s, 1970s) and postmodern (1980s Memphis designs). All our design patterns are individually created.

Our contemporary retro surface patterns usually contain geometric shapes, bright colours and a sense of irony. We always draw our inspiration from the past and reinvent it in our own style. The outcome is a cheery sense of nostalgia with a contemporary twist just for your living room design inspiration.

We are huge fans of 80s Memphis style, so you will see lots of 1980s-inspired design patterns here. For more about our love of the Memphis movement, why not head over to our blog on My 80s Memphis Design Inspirations.

Introducing Cottagecore

At BillingtonPix we love the retro, so it is no surprise that we are really into Cottagecore. Harking back to a pastoral time of innocence and simpler life, it evokes tradition, homemade or repurposed designs and materials. A darker side to Cottagecore is Goblincore, we gets down and dirty with Nature. Find out more on our blog!

Take a look at our pattern and design catalogue below and let us know your favourites! (Click the images to view the designs)


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