Mid Century Modern Design

Mid-century style patterns at BillingtonPix

What a delight to celebrate the shapes and patterns of Mid Century Modern Design! This collection contains a number of products where we have applied our retro style graphic design surface patterns that are based from this period (around 1940s-1960s). These include throw blankets, couch pillows /cushions, framed poster art, phone cases and t-shirts. You can find all our product types listed below.

From the retro future designs of the 1940s through to beginning of Pop Art in the 1960s, this movement defined an era of new technology, new design ideas and new ways of thinking how to communicate clearly. This new radical way of thinking about design transformed the Post War world, from Modernist furniture, modernist buildings, modernist fonts to modernist fashion. This influence is still huge today and forms a large part of design choices when it comes to vintage home decor and retro style graphic design. You can read more about what is Mid Century Modern style on our blog.

Our vintage style patterns are hugely influenced by the American Modernists of this time, including Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Alexander Girard. These towering figures helped to define what Modernism meant, but also from an American point of view as this design style moved across from Europe after the Second World War.

We take great pleasure in interpreting retro style design with a contemporary twist.  We use elements of retro style graphic design from the Modernist greats to give a retro look in design for our own surface patterns. Take a look and let us know what you think. We are always happy to chat and talk design!

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Feast your eyes on the products we have generated from our patterns and designs below.


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