NFT Penguin T-Shirts

If you love penguins and you are also into NFTs then you need to check out our cute NFT penguin tees from our 0xPenguin Metaverse Colony. If that sounds baffling then take a look at our current collection of NFTs at OpenSea where you will see up to 500 penguins listed. 

The 0xPenguin colony is not any normal penguin colony. We have collaborated with a Professor Maximilian Hoddle to explore this extraordinary group of penguins living on a remote iceberg which is situated within the 60th Parallel in the Antarctic Ocean. Professor Hoddle has recently published the first in a series about this colony: their fears and their aspirations. Find out about the different characters living on the 0xPenguin iceberg and grab yourself a t-shirt to match!

These penguins are modelled in a cute mochi shaped design that is almost good enough to eat. Living on the iceberg is not easy - it is melting and they keep finding bits of plastic washing up alongside it. Being the enterprising penguins that they are, the colony is quick to exploit this unnatural commodity to transform their home into something rather special. Follow how they get on by grabbing the paperback from Amazon.

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