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Explore our product catalog for color and pattern inspiration for your home decor

Why not check out our complete pattern catalog containing all our designs and patterns. We offer retro urban style patterns including Mid-Century Modern, 80s Memphis and Contemporary Retro designs. Perfect if you are looking for home decor inspiration and would like a few ideas around different color palettes. 

Our patterns are available in homewares, apparel, accessories and stationery products. We also list our products by color from the product catalog page. 

Color can bring out all sorts of different emotions, from cool calm and stability to excitement and energy. Depending on which colors you choose to place with others according to where they sit on the color wheel, you will be able to create different desired effects.

For example the color blue can have calming effect and is said to relieve stress. The cool, metallic qualities of certain blue pantones, especially if used with reflective materials, work well with warm browns and neutral tones. By contrast, they also work well with their opposite:  energizing colors such as orange and yellow.

For more inspiration on interior design and home decor ideas, head to our Interior Design blog where you will find a list of articles on interior inspiration and home designer to explore.


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